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Anyone got any........

Administrators Jan 6, 2003

  1. Administrators

    Administrators Administrator Staff Member Administrator Audi A4 TDi

    hi res pics of the UR?
    and perhaps someone who really knows there stuff could explain the differences between the models for us younger ones /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif
  2. DuncS3

    DuncS3 Member

    A very brief guide /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif...

    WR, MB and RR indicates Engine code, which most URQs are identified by (ie I have a WR or MB URQ)

    WR - (80-87), 200 bhp
    MB - (87-89), 200 bhp, main difference was torsen diff (torque sensing differential as seen on RS4)
    RR - (89-91) 20V Engine, about 220 bhp (same as in the S2)

    During the lifecycle of the cars, things were changed like they are on modern cars, ie lights were originally two square units, badging changed, originally the car had analogue dials, and a speaking woman computer! and then ended up with a digital display...

    Some 20V models are still for sale at around 20K, although you can pick up less prestige 20V examples for 10K

    WR and MBs go from 3K to 13K, depending on mileage and condition. There are a lot of dog mobiles out there...
  3. dome

    dome New Member

  4. Kingfisher

    Kingfisher Active Member

    Good ones cost money! Cheaper ones can cost even more !!
    Thing to remember is that the basic underpinnings are about 1978 ish . I have never ridden in one, would like to,not sure I want to afford one as it would have to be good and I can never resist a few " improvements", her indoors would want me to get rid of my 80 Sport, we already have 3 Audis and 3 garages /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif
  5. dome

    dome New Member

    Give me a shout if you're ever near Glasgow and i'll take you a spin in mine /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif

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