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Anyone got any suggestions?

AdamA3 Oct 24, 2011

  1. AdamA3

    AdamA3 TDi A3


    I have a 2001 Tdi A3. I've had a problem recently when i start the car in the mornings. When i turn the key, the needles on the instrument panel do some wierd things. It can be random stuff, and not generally the same thing happens. Most of the time the fuel guage and temp guage come up to where they were but the speedo and rev needle freeze, and dont come on. I then drive into work and stop the car, but when i pull out the key some of the back lights on the instrument panel are still on. I can't lock the car and leave it as the alarm goes off, so i have to disconnect the battery and the system resets itself. This happens like this and sometimes in other ways for instance the needles will dance from zero to full for a couple of minutes and then reset themselves. It's bizarre. this is becoming a real pain and i'd like some good advice of what this could be

    thanks alot

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