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Anyone gen'd up on Fabia VRS's?

Stanley Jun 21, 2011

  1. Stanley

    Stanley Member

    I know this aint a Skoda fabia forum, but it is a very similar car.......

    Im currently in talks with my work about buying a 56 plate Fabia VRS thats just been traded in.

    However there is a couple of problems....

    The car itself has done 65K miles, has some fancy grey/blue leather seats front and rear which are quite cool (no idea what theyre from), but has nasty coilovers on it.

    The coilovers i can sort, but there is a bigger issue needing some help - thats where you lot come in!

    When the car is cold, it takes ages to fire up. It will crank and crank for ages, and eventually fire up. Also it can be quite smokey at times (not sure if thats normal for these)

    Weve replaced the glow plugs and coolant temp sensor but to no avail.

    Any suggestions as to what the problem could be?

    I currently have an Audi A3 1.8T which has given lots of grief with misfires etc and i do not want to fall into the same hole!

    Many thanks, Stan.
  2. hilly

    hilly Active Member

    i have had a skoda fabia vrs i would be guessing in telling you what was wrong,but i say join briskoda.net you will find the people who has the same car as you and will be able to help you more.
  3. Stanley

    Stanley Member

    Already registered and posted hehe.
  4. Kave

    Kave Member

    well they are pd130 engines, and out of all the VAG chassis they come in an A3 is prob the fewest in number. I would try uk mkivs tdi section. Check for fault codes....

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