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Anyone from Grimsby with RNS-E ??

nick9one1 Jan 17, 2013

  1. nick9one1

    nick9one1 Member


    I'm currently having difficulty getting my RNS-E to read the nav DVD.
    I've replaced the laser in the RNS-E and it plays music CD's ok. So pretty sure I've installed it correctly.
    I've even tried burning some replacement disks but still having no joy.

    As I don't know if its the laser or disc's that's a problem.. I'd be interested to know if there is anyone near me that also has an RNS-E which I can try my discs in? and maybe try your disc in my RNS-E.

    Then I can work out what part is faulty and replace it!

    Happy to donate a 2013 disc to anyone that can help.. as long as you have an official 2013 disc of course ;) (no dodgy business here!)


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