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Anyone Fitted These Alloys?

Pete20vt Jul 21, 2010

  1. Pete20vt

    Pete20vt Supermoto Junkie

  2. 1animal1

    1animal1 The Clar!! it mouves!!! VCDS Map User

    best searching in the S3 pictures sticky at the top......these have been fitted a million times
  3. Jimmy Parko

    Jimmy Parko Member

    I'm in the same Boat mate i'm after buying some Replicas but i'm worried there going to be Sh*t. I have heard
    (off here) That if the replicas are form China there very poor Quailty and last a few month before Lacor/Paint finish starts to peel.

    Apparently if the Replicas are Italian made there of better Quality and if looked after they last a hell of a lot longer. Years infact. Hopefully someone on here might be able to Verify this statement for us.

    I'll see if i can find the Thread for you.

    Regards Jimmy
  4. Pete20vt

    Pete20vt Supermoto Junkie

    Hmm, i am currently trawling through the picture thread, have 10 pages left to go and have not found a red S3 with them fitted. I was thinking i might get them and have them sprayed local so i know the paint will be good.
  5. Lee172

    Lee172 GT3071

    I had these replicas on my old a3, i didnt have any problems with them chipping or anything like that but i did have problems with bumps/potholes... they seem to dent very easily , two of them cracked.
  6. s3dave

    s3dave TFSI Hybrid Supporter

    they are very heavy too
  7. VeVeX

    VeVeX Member

    The whole Italian vs China is bs to be honest.

    Most (all) "Italian" wheels are made in asia somewhere and then packaged or just plainly shipped through Italy. One of the largest replica wheel distributors have an office in italy to compound this myth. Its often a sales tactic to tell customers that the wheels are made in Italy so the either don't buy from the competition who are honest or lead them to believe they are getting a better product.

    See http://www.collectionoptional.it - These are the Italian replicas which are made in china.

    You could get the wheel manufacturers to emboss "Made on the Moon" on the back of the wheels if you wanted. Most CH replicas have "Made in Germany" on them, they're clearly not made in Germany.

    Dont be fooled is my advise. Its a long time since there was a major genuine player producing replicas wheels in Italy.

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