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Anyone ever heard of

Bula_82 Jan 4, 2009

  1. Bula_82

    Bula_82 Self Confessed Nightmare!

    so i did a search but didnt really know what to search to try and find the answer to the question.

    has anyone ever heard that


    long story short, about 2 weeks ago i had a cambelt change done on the A3.

    turns out he somehow managed to drain the p/s fulid, so got that topped up and its been fine since.

    then, the car started clunking when i started it, and rattling when i drove it.

    a friend of mine came over and put the clunking down to the starter motor, so we took it off and cleaned it but it made no difference.

    we thought the rattling was the bumper as there seemed to be a screw missing, but that replaced it still doens it.

    now im panicing, as someone has suggested this could be the problem and from the sound of it that is going to cost a whole load of money...


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