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Anyone done a factory tour?

PembsA3 Jan 4, 2014

  1. PembsA3

    PembsA3 Active Member

    My SB S line TDI 184 quattro S tronic is due for build week 8. I fancy doing the factory tour before delivery. Has anyone done it and if so how do I go about arranging it? (My dealer was unhelpful when I asked...).
  2. Leeber

    Leeber Active Member

    Here you go:

    Discovery tours > Ingolstadt > Audi Forums > Audi Worldwide

    Book in advance using the link above, then hop on a cheap flight to Munich, take the train up to Ingolstadt, taxi to the Forum. You might have to stay in a hotel the night before because it appears that the English speaking tour is only once a day at 1130 local.
  3. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    The tour is well worth it. I've done several over the 16 years I've owned various A3s. Mine have always been on the way back from a holiday in Austria in one of my A3s. The first one I went on was in German but it was still good to just look but the others have been in English. The building in Ingolstadt where the tours start is called the Audi Forum and is a good piece of architecture in it's own right, providing you like modern styling. It also includes a museum as well as an Audi Shop and a couple of good restaurants. German customers can also arrange to collect their car direct from the factory and this is where the hand-over is done. I don't think this is available to UK customers.

    The town of Ingolstadt is also very nice and if you can I would try and have an extra day to look round. Very typically German.
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  4. PembsA3

    PembsA3 Active Member

    That's great info - thank you very much!
  5. geepee

    geepee New Member

    Well worth the visit but take the new motor and stretch its legs on the autobahn. We stopped off for a couple of nights at Ingolstadt, a lovely city, on the way to Tuscany. Don't forget the Audi Museum.
  6. Audimad

    Audimad Well-Known Member

    The wife and i have done the factory tour twice, the first time was in March 2005 where we caught a flight to Munich. We stayed for five days in Munich and caught a bus to Ingolstadt where it dropped us off right outside the Audi factory. We did the tour which was a busmans holiday for me as i work in a car factory.

    The second time was in August 2012 where we decided to drive there in our A5. This time we stayed in what i call "Audi City" the hotel was the GVZ INGOLSTADT HOTEL IM GVZ INGOLSTADT . Hotel.Businesshotel.Tagungen.√úbernachtung right in the heart of Audi where you were surrounded by all models of Audis. You could see the factory from our window, the train going from the factory loaded with new cars. The hotel did free snacks in the evening which was more of a full meal and the food was excellent as was the beer. We even saw an Auto Union race car which is stored in the building next door being loaded on a covered trailer to be taken to a display. If you are a big Audi fan you HAVE to stay at this hotel.

    And we stopped at the Nurburgring on the way back which is also a must.
  7. Curlybob

    Curlybob New Member

    Did the tour in August 2013 on the way back from Austria. Excellent day out - not just the production line but the museum and other facilities on site such as customer pick up area and restaurant. We stayed for one night at the Hotel Mecure in Ingolstadt which is a couple of miles from the factory and very good value for money.

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