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Anyone considered LPG?

J7USS Jun 1, 2008

  1. J7USS

    J7USS Shuddup Foooool!!

    ...just thought Id ask :uhm:

    Is there any difference at all with LPG regarding power wise etc?
    Ive always had the thought in the back of my Head but will the price of LPG stupidly rise too??

    Fckua **** ****..how are we going to enjoy driving our cars without constantly checking to see how much juice you got left, takes the ****.
    When I first started driving I can remember 4star was 67p ltr sometimes used to find one @ 59p!:banghead:
  2. roy_barber99

    roy_barber99 Member

    whats a conversion cost now adays though !

    even i think running a diesel is expensive with £1.30 a litre. good job i get 55mpg !
  3. evilscotsman

    evilscotsman Space Cowboy

    the bloke downstairs from me used to supply and fit lpg conversions, he doesnt even use them himself now. Was about £2k I think, but if they were really good in all respects, we would all have one?

    They had problems with icing up, leaks, backfires and other issues with any modern ecu's, maybe not practical on an audi I reckon. The emission sensors are maybe confused by gas particles instead of hydrcarbons?

    Works well on old motors tho he says :(
  4. technics100

    technics100 Active Member

    I'm considering an S6 next year and think that LPG is the only way I could run such a beast. One of my mates has it fitted to his S6 (2.2 quattro) it pushing out 400bhp at the minute and has no trouble on gas, he said you can't even feel the change over. Although he will run it on petrol when driving hard above 6k as he said the gas can't feed it enough, He got a price of £1500 for a S6 4.2 V8 to be converted.
  5. stoakseya4

    stoakseya4 Active Member

    Guys unless you do alot of miles, the cost differential between petrol and diesel isn't that great.

    If you calculate for argument's sake an average of 10k miles per annum, with petrol at say 119p/ltr and ave 30mpg, then diesel at say 129p/ltr and ave 40mpg:

    10,000m/30mpg = 333 gallons
    119p x 4.544 (ltr:gallons) = 540.7p/gallon
    333 x 540.7 = £1800 pa = £150 pcm

    10,000m/40mpg = 250 gallons
    129p x 4.544 = 586.18p/gallon
    250 x 586.18 = £1465.44 = £122.12 pcm

    A difference of £28 per month. Only £6.50 per week or less than £1 per day.

    LPG Petrol = £2000 + 30mpg + 60p/ltr (?)
    = £900pa = £75pcm
    = £2900 for 1 years driving

    A difference of £1100pa (£92pcm) more for the petrol and £1435pa (£120pcm) more for the diesel.

    Compare a S4/RS4 with only 20mpg, and then that's 'only' a difference of £75pcm with the petrol, or indeed £103pcm with a diesel, and £15pcm LESS compared with the converted petrol car.

    Obviously the differences become perhaps alot more noticeable keeping the converted car for a number of years...

    Having had 2 1.8T's (a remapped 163bhp and a remapped 190bhp), an S4 and a 1.9tdi (remapped 130bhp), over recent years fuel consumption varies a bit with the 1.8T and 1.9tdi depending how much you use the 'GO' pedal, but doesn't vary massively with the S4 (as it's a massively potent unit not needing to be heavy with the accelerator). Is £75pcm a deal-breaker to have an S4 vs a 1.8T ? Also then consider the 2.4 or 3.0V6 models, with fuel consumption not actually much greater than the S4 (at c24mpg). Makes me wonder why people by the V6 models at all !

    Go out and have some fun. Buy an S4 instead !!


    Apologies in advance if indeed I have made any arithmetic errors in the above...!!

  6. technics100

    technics100 Active Member

    Yeah, I have wondered why people will buy a 3.0 thats does 24mpg compared to a 4.2 that will do 18mpg, also the S4's / S6's are a lot better specced. I have looked into this as I currently have a 130bhp Tdi and am considering an S6 next year. My diesel does 44mpg, an S6 will prob do 15-18mpg with my driving, thats approx 1/3 of my current MPG, I currently put about £100 a month into the diesel, so If I changed to the S6 it would become £300 approx which is an extra £2400 a year. If the S6 was converted to gas which currently costs 52p a litre then then I;m geting a 2.46x saving in fuel, so I could run an S6 for approx the same cost as my diesel. If you take into account the £1500 conversion cost at the start, it may be worth considering. I would rather have a fully specced S6 on gas than a normal specced A4 3.0.... just my thoughts...
  7. stoakseya4

    stoakseya4 Active Member

    Quite right, although the S6 is getting on a bit now though isn't it? c2001/2002 plate for £11-12k ?

    Fior the original questions J7USS, I don't think there's any noticable drop in performance. My neighbour's just bought an Alfa 156 V6, and he says 'it goes like stink', so I guess there may be some drop but not by a great deal...

  8. technics100

    technics100 Active Member


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