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Anybody used Kinetic tuning in south wales

gtvlew Mar 26, 2013

  1. gtvlew

    gtvlew Member

  2. MBK

    MBK Well-Known Member

    No not heard of this company before. A quick look at the facebook page shows they've mapped quite a mixed range of cars. You might be better off going on to facebook and asking some of the other Audi owners that have had maps from them, I saw at least one TT on the list and plenty of other VAG cars.
  3. SCFC_Messiah

    SCFC_Messiah Member

    Cant speak for Kinetic, but I used GotBoost in Bridgend. They do a lot of VAG work but also specialise in race/track cars. They wont map the car unless they're satisfied it's in a condition to handle it, which I thought was refreshing. I was impressed with their set up to be fair.... and they have some very impressive customer track cars in storage too which is worth a gander

    GotBoost Performance Tuning Ltd - sales@gotboost.co.uk - Bridgend, South Wales

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