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anybody have experience or know about leather seat covers made by audi???????????????

mcfishy Dec 5, 2011

  1. mcfishy

    mcfishy New Member

    hi new to site and owning an audi,3 mths ago bought a standard 08 b7 multitronic a4 cab 2.0t,love it even when the roof bust in the rain a week into owning it,garage loaned me an s3 in orange,the 2.0t was faster even on an auto box,so i kept the car.so hail the b7 2.0t.

    anyway its missing leather seats,all seats i find on ebay are to old and pricey,im the type of guy if i got £600 spare it goes on having fun.
    an audi tech guy said audi make leather seat covers you can buy,i seen the odd one turn up on ebay £50 for btm seat,but no one has full stock.
    so has anyone experienced these audi covers or know the price??????????????????thanks all,
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2011
  2. Khanage

    Khanage Member

    If they do exist I'd hold off until the weather warms up unless your seats are heated!

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