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anybody fitted a new front window cable before a3 2 door please help

madmark Jan 12, 2013

  1. madmark

    madmark Member

    hi i been reading the posts i have a a3 2 door and the passenger side window cable has snaped i got a replacemrnt cable kit took the door sub frame off the car removerd the glass then the window motor ,removed the rgulator and took out the cable fitted new cable through all the guide wheels on the door all 4 corners and then tryed to wind the cable back in to the regulator no chance under way to much pressure to do it so changed the plan fitted the cables into the regulator and 3 of the guide pullys but hey just canot streth it enougth to put it on to the last pulley has anybody done this cable replacement before ? if yes how did you manage to strech the cable around the pulleys ? any advice please

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