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anybody fitted a diesel tuning box DTUK?

matt_hilluk May 22, 2011

  1. matt_hilluk

    matt_hilluk facebook.com/m9tbh

    has anybody else fitted one of these on their a3?

    thoughts and opinions?
  2. Adam-f

    Adam-f Member

    Not my cup of tea tbh :sadlike: , all they do is just ram the boost pressure and other bits up , the map on there is just based on a single A3 Bering in mind every car pruns differently, id much rather get a re-map and it the car on a dyno to my sure its not over mapped and to make sure its running correctly :rock:
  3. matt_hilluk

    matt_hilluk facebook.com/m9tbh

    any ideas on where is the best plsce to remap these audi diesels.

    i had my previous car, a vauxhall remapped by in my opinion the best vauxhall tuner, even though it was a 5 hour drive each way :eek:
  4. 1inchpunch

    1inchpunch Member

    Andy from DTUK is a member of another car forum I use. Loads of people on their have had BMW diesels fitted with the CRDT2 box or whatever it's called, it's the switchable job with several maps and everyone has been more than happy with them. I've not had any experience of the boxes myself or heard of anyone fitting one in an Audi but know that Andy has a good knowledge of VAG cars (bought his wife a TTRS a while back).

    It's worth giving him a call and speaking to him. He used to do great offers and customer service on that site. Even sent boxes out to people to try and if they weren't happy they could just send them back. From what I remember nobody sent them back. Also worth noting that the boxes don't do anything to the turbo.
    Last edited: May 22, 2011
  5. slade777

    slade777 Member

    Remaps there are loads of good ones

    Shark (talk to N8 on here, he's soon to be one of the shark reps)

    Just to name a few. It's all personal preference and like you said if your happy to travel to get it done the worlds your clamp or however that old saying goes :p
  6. matt_hilluk

    matt_hilluk facebook.com/m9tbh


    cheers have already spoken to andy as i have him as a friend on facebok and he will do me a good deal, just wondered if anyone on this site had any opinions on them
    out of those i have only heard of revo, but will look into them
  7. chrissy1502002

    chrissy1502002 Member

    I had one fitted to my company 1.9 TDI 105hp A3. I used to work for audi so i had a new company car every few months so the DTUK box was perfect as it was easy to swap from car to car. I have to say i loved it and actually still have it upstairs just incaes i ever go back to a 1.9TDI :)

    I never had any problems with it on any of the cars. The most mileage i had was 27,000 and not one issue :)

    I would recomend one very highly if your looking for a simple, cheep and generic power upgrade.

    Loads of people slate them but i have never had any problems and the car did shift. It was significantly quicker than my friends 2.0TDI 140.

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