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Anybody done a driving experience day before or drove at Elvington north yorks?

ColganRaz Nov 24, 2012

  1. ColganRaz

    ColganRaz Member

    Well my 21st birthday is fast approaching :unsure:

    my girlfriend has bought me an experience day, driving a porsche 997 turbo, ferrari 360 and an aston martin DB9, which i get 3miles driving in each (about 3/4 laps)

    I am going to book it for Elvington as it is closest to me, just wondering if anyone has been on one of these days before.

    are they good?

    do the instructors let you properly get your toe down?

    what is elvngton like as atrack?

    any other info would be much appreciated :p
  2. Tay

    Tay Active Member VCDS Map User

    My mate did one in a DB9 for his 21st at York.

    He said the instructors were good, think he got about 7 laps. No throttle % rules or getting told to back off, just a simple if you spin it your out.

    Have a look around at what there is, plenty of options available especially around Xmas time.
  3. jdp1962

    jdp1962 Grumpy Old Moderator Staff Member Moderator TFSI Owners Group Team V6 Gold Supporter Team Tornado Audi S4 quattro Black Edition s tronic

    Richard Hammond did. Ask him how he got on.

    WAFTER Member

    I spent several seasons working part-time for a company that provided the cars and indeed aircraft for what was Red Letter Days and other companies marketing 'experiences'. Had some free drives myself and was responsible for looking after customers when they turned up for their rides. Also witnessed a friend who had been given a prize of 3 laps in a Ferrari.
    My impression was that once the novelty of sitting in what was perceived as an exciting car and being allowed just 3 laps under the very strict control of an instructor (all cars had a brake pedal in the passenger footwell) the end result was only mild excitement.
    I think many customers turned up expecting to be able to thrash around the track, and had not understood they were being offered an 'experience', that is something a bit different, no more no less.
    The ultimate insult was tendered by my friend who at the time owned an ageing 6 cylinder Vauxhall Cavalier and he reckoned he had more fun giving his car the beans on the way home from the track that poodling around in a Ferrari.

    So.... Try and get some feed-back from other people as to exactly what the 'experience ' is and limit your expectations.
  5. AndyA3170

    AndyA3170 Guest

    I did one at Elvington too as I live in york, wasn't told I couldn't drive hard in the Aston. Like mentioned just got told if you spin it your off. It's a good gift to be able to drive the cars it's just over quickly
  6. brasiliangringo

    brasiliangringo Member

    I have done a skid pan, rally and single seater thing at the inner silverstone (came 1st :) but found them all fairly tame. They are all fairly dumbed down given most people prob couldnt handle something full bore, there again perhaps ive done the wrong ones. .

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