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Any suggestions what this connector might be for?

Final 3Green Land Jun 21, 2013

  1. Hi,

    Have just fitted a new heater matrix and on refitting the dash etc, I found this connector. I don't recall removing it from anything when I was stripping the car, Just wanted to ID it before I finish the car then find I have to remove everything again.

    IMAG0017.jpg IMAG0021.jpg IMAG0023.jpg IMAG0018.jpg

    It has a cable tidy attached but was not fitted to the metalwork inside...

    The markings on the plug are a little difficult to read, but it looks like it says something like this...

    AMP 984 908 >PBT BP10< 480 870 071 or poss 671

    Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. towcestervag

    towcestervag Member VCDS Map User

    it looks like the connector that fits one of the air con motors
  3. Thanks for your answer,

    Any idea where on the heater unit this may plug in as I cannot find an unused socket anywhere on the unit. Any pointers, ie front right, top center etc would be a great help.

    Its an A4, B5 Avant.. (1998)

  4. [​IMG]

    These are about all the pikkies I can take without duplicating them...

    The location as to where it fits into would be great, I cant find one. (Starting to think it might be an extra for an upgrade thingy, ie. the front fog light cable was there but the fogs weren't fitted as standard.)
  5. Anyone??
  6. Dimokslis

    Dimokslis Member

    pink black connector for air con.jpg
    I went outside and took a picture for you. :) must be this one.
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  7. Looks like it might well be, hidden behind the footwell air supply down pipe, which I had fitted before noticing the connector...

    Thanks a million, I will take a look tomorrow morning and see, I might just do a new thread on what not to forget to re connect!!
  8. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Theres three motors, yellow, blue and red.

    Find each one and check they're connected.
  9. Thanks for all of your help, Its all back together!!

    The missing socket was to the right of the heater box behind the footwell air supply trunking.

    The plug must have become detached before I could get to it hence not finding it until most of the car was back together.

    Thanks again everyone for your help, particularly Ben and Dimokslis, without your help, I would still be looking for where it plugged into!

    Thanks again!!
  10. Dimokslis

    Dimokslis Member

    Glad it helped. :)

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