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Any recommend exhaust fabricators in south UK?

zeeeebo Nov 15, 2009

  1. zeeeebo

    zeeeebo Lifes one big laugh

    i have braught a powerflow back box and wanted a middle section made up for it. any recomendations? preferbly in the south ( near london) or even better near brighton or portsmouth area:)
  2. will.f_1.8t

    will.f_1.8t Member

    Used Longlife and Infinity exhausts before, both seem to be very good! great customer service and exhausts, the ones i used have both been in bristol but im sure ther are some closer to you!
  3. jaimie85

    jaimie85 New Member

    I've used Powerflow in Basingstoke for my previous MK2 Golf and MK3 VR6 an was very happy with them both. Just check for the welding cause the tailpipe on the VR6 looked like a piguein had just shat on it!! Looking to get a set-up for my A3 with em soon.

    They've moved site now and are called Longlife. Thinks it's longlife.co.uk, they've got all their dealers on there. Hope that helps.

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