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Any PS3 Gurus?!

Jamie1985 Mar 19, 2012

  1. Jamie1985

    Jamie1985 Member

    Hi there hopefully if your reading this then you maybe able to help me, basically i have just dusted off my PS3 (fat version) after 2 years in the loft, im just wondering if anybody knows how i can "chip" it so i can play "backed up" games


  2. Uzzy

    Uzzy New Member

    Im not 100% sure but I dont think you can chip PS3's the way you could chip previous consoles.

    With a PS3 you can jailbreak it like you can do with iPhone's. Not 100% sure how it works but you have to buy a USB stick with the software on it I think. Dont think it's too hard though.
  3. dc240969

    dc240969 Member VCDS Map User

    its do able with googles help but beware getting kicked off playstation network, for good.
  4. _JMills

    _JMills Member

    There was a way a while ago something called the PS3 jailbreak which allowed you to play any game unfortunately after Sony sued the people that made the program all developers of recent games would put a piece of code in their data which stopped people from playing cracked games after a certain time period as it wouldn't register on the console, of course it is possible provided the 2 year console you just dug out hasn't been updated in that case you can play the old PS3 titles any new ones won't work unless you crack them and play offline or gamble the couple of days at best it takes for Sony to completely ban you from their network that means they can ban your IP address so even if you wanted to buy a new console you would still be banned.

    If I'm honest people will start cracking the Playstation Vita I'd look into that the PS3 can be done like anything can but when you consider you won't be able to use the Playstation store or the internet and risk your IP address it's just not really worth it. But it's your choice and there's plenty of information out there to do it just google Playstation Jailbreak :)

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