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any one out there into bikes

motorbikez Jan 25, 2007

  1. j033y

    j033y Member

    Well all these pics of bike thought i would show you my old mean machine, and the new dreamer.

    First off my old bike Alistair:


    Shes a H reg Honda CG125, 0-60 just about. 11bhp and a whole £24 to insure for the year, plus the overpriced tax of £15, but she returned me a reasonable 98mpg. It was an expensive purchase at £70 but it works.

    So then i bought a new one (Christopher George), and gave Alistair to my house mate, she set me back a lot of $$ a whole £200 but i think she's worth it:


    New orange dreamer, this one is an 02 reg, and benfits a chav 55w bulb and an exhaust off an old motocross bike, so to say its loud is an understatement. little bit more to insure at £34 but does return 124mpg.

    I love them, and the comedy thing is, although running around on these bikes at the grand old age of 26, and still having L plates, i have a grin from ear to ear, and at around 4 pence per mile, it's perfect for work, done a month solid on Christopher George for work, there have been some cold mornings! But i am still smiling.

    And yes i go out riding with mates on it, there all into bikes, infact my mate just spent £12.5k on an RSV . . man what a sound!! But i did ask if it was worth the £12.3k more than mine!
  2. Stampie

    Stampie Member

    My Summer Lovin!
  3. owdgit

    owdgit Member

    I currently have a 2007 Benelli Tornado TRE1130 in green and silver and a 1956 Triumph Thunderbird in black.
    Oulton is just down the road and my favourite track day haunt, although funds are tight this year, dont think I will be getting out on track.
    Dont seem to be able to post any pictures on here.
  4. scbduke

    scbduke Member

    Used to a have Triumph T595, all the bests bits of twins and four cylinders IMHO.
    Sold it as wasn't using it much and my Mrs wasn't interested in riding pillion ......... great bike tho.

    So remember ........... three is the magic number !!
  5. Audijarvis

    Audijarvis Member

    Had a Kat myself, couldn't stop spending on it, one off spoked wheels, full Yoshi exhaust, stainless steel nuts and bolts throughout, new paint etc etc.
    Brilliant bike.
    I ended up doing burnouts everywhere I went too.
    They make you do it!!!!!

    Ride a 2000 ZX9RE1 at the moment, well I will once I have the Harris rearsets, Yoshi pipe, ZX10 swingarm.............you noticing a bit of a theme here lol

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