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any letting agents, or people with experience of renting?..

superkarl Nov 8, 2012

  1. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    im looking for a place in liverpool city centre.
    basically i dont know the ins and outs, and dont want to get raped by letting agents.
    im paying 6 months up front, will this have any advantages, other than the fact ive got a home for at least that time.

    please enlighten me
  2. Rockett

    Rockett Faster!

    Can't say much only rented a few places myself. Just wanted to comment and ask why you're paying 6 months in advance? If you enter into a contract for at least six months you'll be guaranteed that term (unless you break the terms of the tenancy, but that would still be the case even if you paid up front). I see no advantage to it, only disadvantage, that being they have your money months ahead of when they should have.
  3. Jason.s

    Jason.s Active Member

    I`ve rented for the past 3 years almost in the same house. I personally dont see the advantage or paying 6 months upfront. Hell 6 months rent in one hit is well on the way to a deposit on a mortgage lol.

    We initially started on a 6 month contract. We tried to get the rent lower by saying we`ll take a 12month contract but they wouldnt have it so after the 6 months we went onto a rolling contract and just go month by month. If your pay monthly contract is for 6 months they couldnt just terminate that and kick you out unless you did something seriously wrong. But then saying that if you paid 6 months upfront and they turfed you out you should get your money back anyway but seriously i cant see any advantage to paying that huge lump sum upfront.

    If you rent, just make sure you go over the place with a fine toothed combe and mark down absolutely everything on the inventory. That way you`re more or less covered come time to move out and you get your full deposit back. ALWAYS haggle the rent price, if things arent up to standard you offer it to them to either get it up to standard or reduce the rent.

    Our agent is a complete retard to be honest and didnt sort out anything we highlighted in the inventory so we went direct to the landlady and she sorts everything now and we havent spoken to the agent in almost the 3 years we`ve lived there.
  4. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    As a landlord(not long been one), I'd love 6 months rent in advance, no need to chase for rent for 6 months, you would be my favorite tenant bar an repair bills you might send me. There is no benefit to pay 6 months up front, it only benefits the landlord/letting agent. You would only get a discount for paying a lump sum up front if you was dealing with a landlord direct, an agent wouldn't agree to it, not for 6 months anyways, as that's the minimum term they would get you to sign, not to mention an extra months rent for deposit(some maybe two months rent deposit), so in effect, a 7 month advanced payment.
  5. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    6 months because, if i can stretch to it why not, gives me an easier life on a monthly basis with low monthly out goings, and also (i thought) give me more haggling power, and as jo says, would be awesome from the landlords perspective, so likely to get a place i like over someone else.

    been speaking with an agent and it will be at least 7 months upfront inc deposit, and she said there will be some charges of 100 quid per person for some 'referencing' i think she called it?

    getting local papers and if i see anything decent il go straight to a landlord rather than these agents who have procedures set in stone.

    im not a bellend (much) so want to bend the rules and hopefully make me and the landlord much happier.

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