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ANy ideas on this fault code?

duffy78 Mar 28, 2013

  1. duffy78

    duffy78 Member

    1 Fault Found:
    18047 - Accelerator Position Sensor 1/2 (G79/G185): Implausible Signal
    P1639 - 008 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent

    Symptoms are ESP and EPC lights on dashboard and car in limp mode. Leaving car overnight renders the car back to normal the next day.

    Seemed to only happen when the roads were damp and during a 1hour plus journey. Just happened on my way into work today which is a journey of 5miles and was in fine weather.

    Have so far cleaned plug contacts on throttle body and also realigned throttle body. Happened again.

    I'll be doing the same with the accelerator pedal this weekend.

    Have had a nosey around the ecu box and it seems a little damp at the rear so will prob have that open to check for water ingress and also check and clean connections.

    Ross tech website says it could be electrical connections, faulty accelerator pedal or faulty ecu. also mentions the o2 (lamda) senso could be the cause?? Car had a new lamda sensor in 2011 along with a new maf sensor.

    Anything else to check???

  2. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    ATM I'm thinking accelerator pedal as iirc those are the 2 sensors in the pedal.
  3. duffy78

    duffy78 Member


    I've got the throttle body and maf off for a clean at the minute.

    The throttle pedal and the ecu are coming off this afternoon, going to clean all contacts and give the ecu box and surrounding area a good clean / vacuum / drying out.
  4. towcestervag

    towcestervag Member VCDS Map User

    most likely cause is water ingress to the electrics box seperate the connectors clean with chemical cleaner and dry

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