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any help on valule of 2.5tdi sport

renorti Nov 22, 2012

  1. renorti

    renorti Member

    hi all, any rough idea how much a B6 2.5tdi quattro sport is worth, 01 y reg 120k,
    some history with it as well, some people telling me about £1200 although i haven't seen any that price, other saying £2800-£3200
    chap wants £1700 for it ,has a dented front wing although Luckily i have one ,off my 1.8t that i am breaking. in the same colour so no cost there.
  2. AlexGSi2000

    AlexGSi2000 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Depends on the condition of it really.
    If the engine is good and the bodywork I would say its worth over £1700.
  3. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    As title really, if the car is healthy £2500 to £3000. You will get it for a steal if it's that cheap, however i tend to stay well away from cheap cars, experience taught me if it's too good to be true then in most cases it is !

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