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any gripes with your B7

si hoc May 15, 2011

  1. si hoc

    si hoc Member

    well after 3 months of ownership ill start this off, only a few though
    1, lazy throttle response in first. ( 2.0 tdi 140 )
    2, whenever ive just cleaned the car ( which is a lot ) the first time i drive it water comes out of the mirror casings and along the side of my beautifilly polished car lol
    3, my local dealer whos after sales service is poor to say the least
    there you go only a couple and yes i know i should run the car round the block to get the water out but ive tried that and it still happens.
    so any body got anymore??
  2. arnoldlog

    arnoldlog Member

    I'm with you on the mirror casing!! drives me mental!!!
  3. harmless

    harmless Member

    only issue i have it ive got a sline and the suspension with 18" wheels can be a little harsh at times specially on our well kept roads these days! other than that i cant grumble tho i have mine chipped so cant comment on the throttle response. get it chipped and ull have a smile after
  4. DJM1982

    DJM1982 Member

    throttle was lazy on my 140 2.0tdi sline aswell. Easily solved with a remap, best £400 i have spent, yes mirror cases drip water all over the car if you drive after washing, leaf blower can solve that though (dry completely before waxing and driving).
    other than that, no gripes from me, well apart from the chrome around the windows degrading (haha).
  5. unikarl

    unikarl Member

    My only real gripe is the cars performance even after a remap but I did come from a 290 bhp astra vxr so they are completely different cars anyway.
  6. si hoc

    si hoc Member

    as soon as the warrantys up its getting mapped came from a mk5 golf gti so its slow in comparrison

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