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Any advice for buying a car?

boothy94 Mar 11, 2014

  1. boothy94

    boothy94 Member

    I'm looking at buying a new car in April and I'm looking at the audi a3 8l 1.8 non turbo automatic and I'm just wondering if anyone has had one and how good they are? Around the year 2000. I had a 1.8 manual not too long ago and loved it but just wondering about autos. Any common faults? Etc. cheers
  2. carlosH

    carlosH New Member

    The most common car-buying horror stories do involve the purchase of used cars. So, before you go to a dealership, you have to decide what car really fits your needs and your budget. Furthermore, considering dealer insurance is also vital. Some car dealers are cutting back insurance and dealer finance markup to attract customers and push away any federal participation.

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