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Anti shudder valve help.

Mark_Turbo Jun 28, 2013

  1. Mark_Turbo

    Mark_Turbo New Member

    My a3 2.0 tdi bkd went into my local vw dealer today just for an MOT, it passed. On picking it up I started up and straight away had a engine emissions light.

    I was annoyed as I thought the dealer had knocked or done something, I requested that they reset the light after a bit of resistance they hooked it up to there computer.

    They said there is a active fault with the inlet motor, I guess this is the anti shudder valve that's gone faulty and is causing the emissions light. I have ordered a new ASV from eurocarparts, once I fit this do I need to reset the code to get the light to out or will it just clear?

    Also looking on mk5 golf forums they mention about changing a fuse, not sure if this is required on the audi?

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