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Anti Roll Bars - Which set up is best??

Andyrew_69 Sep 28, 2012

  1. Andyrew_69

    Andyrew_69 Member

    Hi I have recently just fitted a set of AP coilovers and kw tie bars and poly bushed the old bars. After all this I am still not happy with the tail happy feeling that comes from the S3 when corning from side to side at speeds..... I want it to be more planted so thinking uprated ARB's are the next upgrade (as well as new tyres of course :) - Yokohama AD08's) on the list.

    Basically just want to know what set up people have tried and tested to get the perfect compromise??

    From what I have seen I am thinking about 22mm on the front and 19mm on the rear?? Is there any kits available with them sizes??

    Front size??
    Rear size??
    Makes and prices??

    Many thanks.....
  2. daz-20vt

    daz-20vt Well-Known Member

    what tail feeling do you mean? does it sway too much?? the best option from my own searches are the nuespeed ones which are 22mm fr 19mm rear. but they are expensive. most go for an r32 19mm rear and that sorts the roll out. some complain it makes the back to stiff and a bit tail happy. i have coilovers and an r32 rear and im happy!! daz
  3. Alex C

    Alex C Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Audi S3


    When you say tail happy do you mean your car over-steers?

    The s3 will under-steer on standard setup. I have Neuspeed 22mmF and 19mmR which cancelled out the under-steer. Can't remember the price but they were quite expensive i think
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2012
  4. daz-20vt

    daz-20vt Well-Known Member

    not entirely sure. im talking about the r32 rear bar only not your set up. i think its a bit twitchy for some and they opt for a bigger front. but most seem happy. i read one guy say he changed his set up because he was sick of feeling like the car was going to spin while changing lanes on a motorway lol. each to their own set up i guess. daz
  5. firestorm

    firestorm Member

    First thing to do check the condition of all the bushes. Make sure they're still in good condition.
    If they are then have you taken your car in to do a proper four wheel alignment ?
    I'd do that before anything else.
  6. Westy

    Westy Well-Known Member

    The S3 on stock arbs under steers loads so I'm surprised you're saying it feels tail happy. I did a track day on stock arbs and wasn't very happy. Ordered an R32 rear as soon as I got home.

    The R32 makes it stiffer at the rear and makes the car run into corners much better then before.

    It's all about the size difference between the front and rear arbs that changes how the car behaves. Tam on here changed both front and rear arbs to R32 ones and it meant his car had less roll but as the size difference between front and back was the same as the S3 he still had a fair bit of understeer.

    Understeer is deemed safe for the normal driver which is why all car manufacturers make them like that as stock.

    My advice would be to leave the front arb alone and bung an R32 rear in and you won't be disappointed.
  7. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    its odd to hear of someone experience alot of oversteer like you are.

    if thats the case you should be looking to increase the size of the front. perhaps get an r32 rear one (19mm) and look for an aftermarket front one thats like 24/25mm or something. that should do it.

    please remmeber tho, thicker and stiffer isnt always better, you will end up with a stiffer overall car, more crashy, and in extreme casses you'l make the handling worse, which was the whole point of coilovers and poly bushes in the first place, to improve grip.
  8. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    What rear tyres are you running?
  9. S3Zek

    S3Zek Member

    I have r32 front (23 I think?) and 22 rear and I find it really good to throw it in to the bends over the stock chicken wire arb's.
  10. S3Zek

    S3Zek Member

    Is starting to squerm a little with more power from the brembos upfront, so next is to sort the rears
  11. Tooks

    Tooks Active Member

    A friend of mine had a Clio SC that started to want to swap ends on itself after a change of springs (old ones snapped), but a new set of tyres sorted that out.

    I would start with the obvious stuff before changing roll bars.

    Im no setup god, but the thicker rear roll bars being advocated by some would probably make your tail happiness worse. Rather than beefing up the front and/or rear, I'd probably try a thinner rear bar, but only after checking the other stuff already mentioned.

    Stiffer isn't necessarily grippier, and setting your car up for a trackday won't necessarily be the best for the road. Depends what you do with the car too?
  12. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    If it feels like it wants to spin when changing lanes on the motorway, I'd say that's almost certainly down to a bit of toe out at the back end. Certainly nothing to do with arbs unless you're running a massive rear bar and lowered springs on stock dampers, in which case the dampers won't be able to cope and it'll get pretty scary.
  13. Vagworld

    Vagworld Member

    this is something i need to decide on what direction i want to go with the s3, track car and chase prawn down :p lol or just a fast road daily
  14. Westy

    Westy Well-Known Member

    Mine is a fast road daily and I'd recommend just an R32 rear. But if you want a track car I'd suggest the adjustable arbs.
  15. DPM

    DPM Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    The H&R setup will give the S3 a very well balanced feel, if you want more oversteer the Eibach bars are a good option.

    Damian @ DPM Performance
  16. jezzy

    jezzy Member

  17. coatesy

    coatesy poking badgers with spoons

    while we are on this whats the best set up for an a3, id like a nice flat drive through corners, i have got coil overs but still get that feeling that the car could be a little stiffer / flatter through corners.

    car is used as a fast road car.
  18. kwistof

    kwistof South East Events Moderator Regional Rep


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