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Anti Roll bar shot..... :-(

davesimmo Jan 4, 2013

  1. davesimmo

    davesimmo Member

    Car went in tonight for a service and cruise retro fit tomorrow.
    They have obviously started it tonight because I got a phone call to say that front anti roll bar had excessive play.
    £51 all in to be sorted out. Obviously I have said go ahead.
    Is this a common thing? Anyone else had this on a car that is just 4 years old??
    Then there was an also......
    Oh dear......
    Your front tyres are close to the limit. Still legal but will only last another month or so.
    Great... at least a month is a bit of time to sort out some good tyres rather than having to shell out for those too.
    Hmmmm. Hope everything else goes ok.

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