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Answering a bluetooth phone call with car kit

dik Aug 11, 2006

  1. dik

    dik Member

    Does anyone know how I can answer the phone in my A3? Its a GSM kit with bluetooth and the phone connects up great and the dis displays incoming call details, but when I receive a call the phone rings (through the symphony) and if I answer on the phone (press the green pickup) then the phone answers by itself and not through the car.

    If I go into my phone settings (during the call) and say switch to hands free, it connects great and I`m then using the kit properly.

    Outgoing calls are fine.

    Is this a phone bluetooth software version issue or do I have to have a cradle to use the PTT button to answer the call via the car?

    Any help would be appreciated. Also how much is the cheapest cradle you can get if the PTT button is the answer?

    Cheers All

  2. Eeef

    Eeef Lord of War

    Doesn't sound like it, more likely to be a profile issue.

    Check which profile your phone uses when connected to the car kit and then look at the settings for that profile. Chances are it's set to 'Answer in Phone'.
  3. Dandle

    Dandle Member

    I push the button on the steering wheel and it answers the phone. Will try the phone green button next time and let you know if it answers through the phone or car.
  4. Michalis

    Michalis Member

    I think it's like all bluetooth headsets. if you answer from phone you can hear only from phone and no from the headset. If you answer from the headset then you can hear from the headset.
  5. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member

    dandle, what Bluetooth kit have you got in the car? Is this an original Audi one? Someone said recently that a BT phone kit was available for the A3, integrating with the nav but there's no mention of it anywhere on the price list PDF so I'm really confused.

    (veewan AT gmail.com if you're on MSN :)
  6. Dandle

    Dandle Member

    Yep Audi bluetooth phone prep and it is fully intergrated.

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