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Another thread about 143 TDI MPG

neocraven Jan 19, 2012

  1. neocraven

    neocraven New Member

    Hi Gents/Ladies,

    Newbie to the forums!

    I've just bought an Audi A4 2008 plate B8 with the 2.0 TDI 143 engine (75k on clock), and have had fairly low milage compared to what I was expecting. In my B6 I was getting around 55mpg and now for the same journey in the new car I'm getting more like 38 if I drive like my gran!

    Changed oil, oil filter and air filter and that made some difference - upto 43mpg but just wondering if there is anything else I can check or change to improve it? Or is this the best I can expect?

    I was also thinking of remapping to improve performance and add some better economy...will it make a big difference? Anyone recommend someone in the Watford area?

  2. BRUM76

    BRUM76 New Member

    I was about to ask same question, Can someone help please i am in the same situation

    Thanks In advance
  3. Jamhart1982

    Jamhart1982 New Member

    I have same car 143 tdi 58 plate and im getting around 45MPG but i am using the gear indicator and found it supprising as it normally recommends being in 4th gear at 30mpg. I have never drove in such a high gear driving at those speeds...i guess this is to get the economy?? Are you using the gear indicator?
  4. redspudder

    redspudder Sparky

    Yup im the same, around town i average around 40MPG my old B6 1.9tdi on the same run was around 45MPG,but i love the B8 its an awesome motor.
    Just the way it is im afraid mate
  5. johnnythepie

    johnnythepie Well-Known Member

    bad news boys, but thats the best youre gonna get.the official audi figures are a joke...at least 40% out.my b7 2.0tdi 143 did 35-37 at best and my b8 2.0 170 does 32.had it remapped to 200, and still 32 but loads more torque.colin at cnlremapping did mine, great bloke, comes to you and each map is adapted from your original spec so no crappy generic.
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2012
  6. tanz1978

    tanz1978 New Member

    Also don't forget it being winter you're driving around with lights on, heating on etc. which all have an effect on it. But must admit I've noticed mine coming in around 43mpg recently when 6 months ago it was nearer 47 (seems to be quite difficult to jump past the 47 mark even on long distances on the motorway). Can that be purely down to seasonal driving?
  7. xs2man

    xs2man Member

    On hogmany I averaged about 36 mpg on the 350 mile trip from my home to S****horpe. Absolutely terrible. Okay, I wasn't hanging about exactly, but I wasn't driving at speeds that would necessarily risk my license. That is simply awful consumption.

    Needless to say, when I got back on the 3rd (averaging still less than 40 mpg), the car was taken to the dealership to be traded in.
  8. simbaboy

    simbaboy New Member

    I said a few weeks ago i was sruggling to get 40mpg,been filling up with shell v/power and useing millers and saw 46mpg on a round trip to the coast yesterday.I know some will say its all b/s but ive used this combintion to good affect on my last few cars.
  9. Peanuts1978

    Peanuts1978 New Member

    Hi can any one help me I have a A4 2.0 143 08 with 77 on the clock am thinking of a remap with Clive atthowe norwich do you think my car will be ok? And what sort of gains will I get?? HELP PLS
  10. Zafi

    Zafi Well-Known Member

    I love the way the forum puts stars in S****horpe :faint:
  11. AdverseKing

    AdverseKing New Member

    Wouldn't know how to go about fixing it , but on average I get about 47mpg.

    Thats with driving in rush hour about 60 miles a day motorway stop/start commuting

    Had a blast of around 250 'spirited' motorway miles last weekend and average around 52mpg
  12. dinz14

    dinz14 New Member

    I've done roughly 6k miles in mine and i'm averaging between 38-42mpg, although mine is multitronic which is pretty **** for fuel economy.

    I would expect you to get more than 38mpg in a manual though.
  13. yy54cnk

    yy54cnk New Member

    Thought I would add my MPG - 44k 143 TDI S Line, 2500 miles in 5 weeks with a DIS average of 50.7mpg and a fill to fill calculation of 49.9 minimum and 56.2mpg max.

    Pretty Happy overall.
  14. LukeTDi

    LukeTDi New Member

    Had my 59 plate 2 months now, done 4000 miles and averaged 46mpg. That's my own calc.
  15. dieseldoug

    dieseldoug Member

    I have had my A4 for 6 years, MPG never counted but mostly get around 430-470 miles to 3/4 tank, in general happy happy.... in all kinds of driving.
    Also noted in my Passat it was more economical in 5th at 70 mph than 6th at 70mph, the higher the gear sometimes is not the best
  16. AshA4

    AshA4 Ash

    Done just over 4000 miles since having mine and averaged 42.1mpg overall, mostly mix of town and motorway driving for my comute (22 mile round trip) but in rush hour traffic, along with short journeys carting the kids about. Most of the time the reset trip shows around 47-52mpg for my work comute in good traffic, with the odd long motorway trip at least once a month showing around 53mpg.
    Even when I give it a bit of stick on short journeys is shows around 28-32mpg.

    Last full tank was of Shell VPower and it is looking to deliver nearly 50 miles more than nomal return, so not sure about the VPower return being BS to be honest.

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