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another question on oil :)

imported_fingermouse Sep 19, 2005

  1. ok ive just had my car serviced and the oil he used was millers XFS 5w-40.

    Now the guy who did my car runs a honda blackbird and says this oil performs better in that than mobil 1. His reasoning is the honda gearbox and engine oil is the same and with mobil 1 the gear change is stiffer after 1000-1500 miles and with the millers its ok for 2000-2500 miles.

    Im not worried about this oil being in the car as its being remapped in the next couple of weeks then I will change the oil every 7,000 mile anyhow just after ppls opinions.

    oh on the cost front he only charged me £20 for 5ltrs.

  2. Just got this reply from millers

    the Millers XFS 0w/30 is the correct oil for a fixed
    service interval of 10.000 miles . For the variable service it is better to
    use XF Longlife 0w/30. Don't panick! change the XFS at @ 10.000miles

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