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Another number plate light not working thread. HELP!!

The Apprentice Feb 9, 2013

  1. The Apprentice

    The Apprentice New Member

    Hi, I have searched through all of the many threads about number plate lights though my problem is slightly different.

    The car is a 2004 audi a3 2.0 tdi, when I bought the car there was no number plate holders never mind bulbs in it. Though I later found these in the boot and noticed the last owner had used led bulbs. I replaced these with original bulbs but to no joy they would still not work. So new bulb holder, new bulbs and the copper contacts cleaned up like new and still no light. Disconnected the light holder panel and the plug going to this with 4 wires i am getting constant 11.50 volts no matter if my lights or on or not.When i connect it back up and test the voltage going to the copper contacts I am getting 0.30 volts and with lights on 0.54 volts. This has me totally confused, is the fault from my panel with the copper contacts? I have also read about the control module stopping power going to the lights because of a fitted led, but my car is 2004 and does not bring warning light onto the dash for blown bulbs.

    Any help would be appreciated before I start thinking about rewiring, which I really don't want to do lol
  2. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Fit oem bulbs, login with vcds & clear any warnings/errors & see if this helps, if not then need to trace back from there.
  3. The Apprentice

    The Apprentice New Member

    Thanks for the reply, will there be a fault code stored for the bulbs? Just theres no warning on my dash. Also I can get a lend of the texa diagnostics will this beable to clear the fault or can it only be done with vcds?
  4. S3 finatic

    S3 finatic Limp mode

    Did you solve this? I have the exact same problem.

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