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Another Newbie - A3 98 8L 1.6iP White/black

TheButtonz Feb 2, 2011

  1. TheButtonz

    TheButtonz Member


    Firstly - wow what a great forum. Loads of committed members, info and other great stuff - I can't believe I haven't found this sooner!

    I've got a standard A3 3door 8L 1.6iP 1998. Bought 18 months ago and slowly fixing loads of problems from the previous owner (too many to list) but I've also added some sexy bits, namely:


    - Generic 18" two tone alloys
    - Tinted windows - 3 rear and front 3 28%
    - stickers / debadged
    - Parking sensors


    - Kenwood head unit
    - 4x 6.9 Fli speakers on customer stealth shelf
    - 12" FLI active sub
    - Wired iPod charger / phone charger
    - Rear audio connectors (to allow passengers to connect their phones etc.)


    - Standard engine - 100k


    - New clutch, cambelt, thermostat, coilpack, HT, plugs, airbox, airfilters, water pipes

    Yet to fix

    - Idle issues - doesn't idle evently at all with juddery engine :/
    - Drinks petrol like George Osbourn is personally requesting it
    - Power surges during hard accelleration (never driven hard but floored during occasional bursts)
    - suspension (rock hard all round - bushes I think)
    - bodywork (some scratches)
    - exhaust - sounds raspy.


    - replace headunit with blutooth kenwood
    - wire second set of 6.9 speakers via an external amp (I've blown one already)
    - wire door speakers (tuffy thread was amazing eye opener)
    - refurbish interior (seats are stained in areas)
    - replace door bar (someone has hammered it during a previous breakin)
    - front parking sensors (I really am that bad!)
    - aftermarket air con (is this even possible?!)

    Anyway - thought I would contribute. Ultimate aim is to have a nice sounding comfortable car, with suits me. Not into massive performance upgrades. I'll be posting pics etc. and keeping you all updated on the progress.

    For what it matters - it rolled over 100k tonight...

    Cheers Everyone!!!!


    Last edited: Feb 2, 2011
  2. TheButtonz

    TheButtonz Member

    Here is a very short video of the dials during a mild tickover cycle. It gets really bad some times...

    The first 10 seconds I had the fans on, but it goes quiet once I switch them off any you can sort of see it.

    YouTube - Audi A3 irregular tickover

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