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Another Ebay fraud...

MikeS4 Jun 29, 2007

  1. MikeS4

    MikeS4 MikeS4

    Thought i'd share with you another blatently fake, hijacked ebay account that's trying to sell a 2004 M3 for £7000. I've had a few come my way in the past but this one quite funny....


    Thank you for contacting me about my car BMW.
    The car is in perfect conditions, no flaws or dents, no scratches or any kind of damage, no engine problems. The interior is in like new condition and has never been smoked in. The car is still UK registered so you will not have to pay any custom taxes.

    The problem is that I had to move in Germany because I have my origins here and I had no reason to stay in UK after I lost my husband…Andrew.
    It was his car... as you can imagine it means a lot for me. I brought the car here with me with the intention of driving it but when I found out about the very high import duties and all the restrictions regarding registration and emissions tests here I've changed my mind. Also I am not sure I can register an UK supply-Right Hand Drive car here....So I'm practically forced to sell the car.
    The car is still registered in Uk, so it is compatible to your standard and of course you can have it without paying any duty taxes or import taxes for it, as it was made for UK marked.

    The price is £ 7000, with shipping fees included. The car is here with me in Germany.
    You will receive this and all the papers and receipts that you needs to register it. The delivery agent will take care of these papers. He will let you have the TITLE, keys, owner manual, manufacturer's certificate of origin. Everything will be sent along with the car. It has a Clear Title.
    The delivery will take between6 to 8 working days, door-to-door.

    I want to take this opportunity to assure you that this deal is 100% legitimate; the financial part of this deal will be managed by eBay, in this way both of us will be protected.
    They will keep the payment until you receive the item and test it.
    So if you really want it please email me as soon as possible to start the transaction

    Thank you,
    Elisabeth Payne
  2. yellowgti

    yellowgti Whats going to break next??... VCDS Map User

    sad how people try to take our well earned money!, i see it like this, get a job earn your own money! losers!
  3. doeboy

    doeboy Member

    Yes i responded to one offering a 2004 A4 convertible for £5000! I just thought i'd waste his time and see how long it took him to give up. I sent him the money via Western Union as he requested. Seriously i did....Wankers
  4. Lowlife

    Lowlife German Hardcore

    I advertised a car on ebay a few years back, I had the old 'I send you a cheque for to much and you send me the balance' trick played on me. As I was already wise to this scam I emailed him and said I'd got the cheque and would complete the deal now, I banked the cheque and then left it until it had cleared. I emailed him to say it had cleared and I would await his instructions, he mailed with the details and I just sent a mail that said "YOU HAVE JUST BEEN SCAMMED!"
  5. Onlyme

    Onlyme Member

    Do they do porn on Ebay ? If I want a car i'll go to a garage
  6. TDI-line

    TDI-line Uber Post Whore Team Floret Silver quattro Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    So did you end up keeping all money?
  7. 205man

    205man Active Member

    i was alos wondering if he kept the money?, if you did then im going to start putting up fake adverts, for cars for sale that i dont really have.

    surely you cant get away with it if you can then everyone would be doing it ad you wouldnt buy anything from ebay?
  8. doeboy

    doeboy Member

    The scam is based on fact the draft/cheque is false and takes advantage of the floor in most banking systems in the UK whereby your told the funds have cleared to your account before the they actually have been finalised. So the money is actually available and if you wire the "extra" pretty much straight away, that’s when you’re stung. The bank a few days later discovers that it's bounced/fraudulent and reclaims the money from your account leaving you to pick up the bill for the transferred cash.

    How exactly the banks give you the money before it's REALLY cleared is a good question. This is a guess but it may revolve around the bank having a 5% risk that the cheque will bounce at the final stage and so allow the funds from their own reserve.

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