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Another day with a cowboy

Jason-Con Feb 20, 2010

  1. Jason-Con

    Jason-Con Member

    Right, im spitting blood at the moment. I took the A4 to my mechanic today to do an oil change. Im not a muppet but i just could not be bothered to get dirty myself. While they were changing the oil i also bought a new oil level sensor as the warning light came on. Cut a long story short they changed the oil and sensor and i started to drive off home. no more than 100 ft from the garrage the light came back, i did think as it had new oil in i thought it will take a time for everything to circulate so i drove off home. I get home and im a bit mad as the light is still on, so i get the ramps out and decide to take a look. as soon as i take the cover off i see straight away what the problem is, one of the wires to the sensor is damaged and needed a repair. A 2 min job and everything is the way it should be. Now im mad was the guy who changed the sensor in the first plae should of noticed the damaged wire.

    Just goes to show some times these pople have no clue what they are doing. Im going to give them a call on Monday and give them what for! Needless to say ill be doing this myself drom now on.
  2. scott b

    scott b Active Member VCDS Map User

    as the saying goes, if you want a job doing properly, do it yourself
  3. head

    head Member

    mate some of these f**kers just do the bare min and dont give a s**t bout what hey leave your wagon like
  4. TorqueTerrorist

    TorqueTerrorist www.sprayplan.co.uk

    Demand a refund or you'll put superglue in their locks!
  5. markyzs180

    markyzs180 Member

    Same old same old I'm afraid....I BET they say.....'you asked us to change the sensor, we did no diagnosis and didn't advise you to change it so we did what you asked and changed the sensor for the one you supplied and just charged you the labour to change it, you didn't ask us to do any type of testing or repair work on the loom, we just changed the sensor'......I guarantee thats what they will say and unfortunately they are well within there rights to do so.....
  6. chrisash32

    chrisash32 Member

    couldn't agree more!
  7. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Finding a trustworthy garage is one of the hardest jobs in the world these days unfortunately. On the plus side, at least you've sorted your problem :icon_thumright:
  8. Jason-Con

    Jason-Con Member

    The thing is i know these guys, its because they have become so busy that they employ muppets and now they are not giving the service they used to before. Its such a shame.

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