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Another darn heater thread!

Fahim Dec 6, 2010

  1. Fahim

    Fahim Member


    When i drive my 2.0 TDI, i find that during the cold weather if my cars temperature reaches half way on the needle (90 degree's I presume) and i turn the heaters on (HI - HI) my temperature gauge then drops down to 1 quater or less unless im driving on the motorway when it stays at 90 odd.

    I have never seen this happen on any of my other cars, so is it the thermostat that needs changing?

    My MPG has been rather **** poor in the last few months too, so perhaps this is one of the reasons its so bad?

    Thanks for ANY replies given.

  2. Paul B7

    Paul B7 Active Member

    I would say this is normal.
    My old b5 used to exhibit similar behaviour when I put the heater on max.
    On Hi-Hi all you are doing is taking the heat out of the heat exchanger and puting the heat in the car.This heat has to come from the cooling system hence the reason the temperature on the gauge drops..............simple thermodynamics!.
  3. andyherd

    andyherd Member

    This happens on my motor as well and having only just got it I was really unsure so I gave Audi a ring. After talking with the workshop foreman my mind is at ease now, he assured me having your heaters on and with the colder weather (-9 round here!!!) its normal for the car to be slow to get upto 90 degree's or even not reach 90
  4. Fahim

    Fahim Member

    Thanks for your replies, i resisted the temptation of buying a new thermostat today at the parts desk at Audi.

    May only be a few quid, but could do with every penny at the moment.

    Thanks again,


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