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Another coilpack problem it seems!

sc1 May 4, 2004

  1. sc1

    sc1 New Member

    My car had to be taken back to the dealer last week(A3 quattro sport '2001 with only 14000 miles- I don't go v. far!). Engine management system light went on whilst accelerating from the lights. Garage found 3 faults Turbo Recirculation Valve, Coolant Temp Sensor and two coils had to be replaced ... all at a bargain price of £363 - car still has less power and feels like stalling.

    Then I find out from this website, it's been a common problem which I had no idea about!! Back in touch with dealer who says that I can have a refund only for the coils + labour to fit them but I have to pay for the rest. Does anyone know if these parts and problems are related because I have no clue about cars!


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