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Another climate question

millsy75 Mar 7, 2013

  1. millsy75

    millsy75 Active Member

    Hi guys, as most S3 8l's mine suffers from scratches/wear on the buttons due to non-practical material used by Audi :-(

    I was wondering if my rubberised grey-ish type unit can be replaced with the black hard plastic type i'm guessing from the pre-facelift models?

    I took a gamble recently and bought a hard black plastic one from eBay but its half the size of mine! Doh :'(

    I'm guessing there are two sizes? Single & double din size?

    I've bought a set of replacement stickers from eBay but not sure if i'm happy with this. Has anybody tried covering their climate with maybe a carbon wrap or something similar?

    Had the car around 4 months and it's an issue that makes the interior look scruffy!!! Ha ha

    Any replies appreciated :)
  2. ScottD3

    ScottD3 I want your faulty electronics Supporter Team V6 quattro Audi A8 Audi S8 Team Akoya TDi saloon

    B6/7 owner used the stickers on his unit and it looks ok.
    I don't think its the best.

    If you already have a HVAC unit with the good buttons, you can swap the buttons over.
    Remove the front, pop the buttons out and put them back in.
    With the unit apart, you can tray and wrap the faceplate to try and help it match with the new black buttons or even plasti dip it but the texture will be different.
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  3. millsy75

    millsy75 Active Member

    Great advice that thanks. The buttons from the eBay unit are unmarked so I think i'll look into what type of carbon wrap to use for the unit and add the black buttons for a permanent fix :)

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