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Another cam-belt wreckage

chris432626 Jan 7, 2010

  1. A3Tomlin

    A3Tomlin Drive it like you stole it

    Got some quotes back:

    Bury St.Edmunds Audi = £448
    Local garage over the road = £284

    It's a tough decision (lol) and the £200 will pay for my Eagle F1's for the front end :D Bargain!
  2. martin g

    martin g [censored]

    My quote is the same offer, £349 for belt kit fit, pump is an extra £60...yes its a dealer, yes I could get it cheaper but the nearest decent specialist is a 150 mile round trip and a day out of work so it shows its about circumstance not just the quote on paper. Also the dealer is literally next door but one from my office so there is huge convenience too.

    I work in a business that is an OEM myself, in fact im head of parts and service (dont shoot me) but not in the car industry. I see daily how much more investment and care goes to my customers over what the pattern part competitors of mine put in, straight up its often worth the difference...however I will state..the differential in price still has to be fair, when its crazy then there is room for argument and it doesnt mean to say all specialists dont do a good job either, pays your money and takes your chance.

    We all have a story to tell, I once owned a lovely Mazda MX6, 2.5 V6 24V, I loved it, great car..had the belt done by an indy, two weeks later the pulley sheared, the top and was shafted and she went to heaven, the muppet had overtightened the bolt we believe and stressed it to the point of weakness. I HAD NO COMEBACK.

    . Also, in a way..if you dont support the OEM, they may not be able to continue to bring you the wonderful marques your all here for in the first place, afterall its Audi's gift to you in a way.

    No, I dont work for Audi but its just a different point of view.
  3. Matt82

    Matt82 Active Member



    oops @ caps

    you want all rollers and tensioners changed and the cambelt, maybe even stat too whilst its in bits

    id even want the aux belt and tensioner done. i did that on my s4 when whilst it was apart
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2010
  4. A3Tomlin

    A3Tomlin Drive it like you stole it

    That is Cambelt kit, tensioner kit and water pump for those prices. Audi suggested the aux belt at the same time so I'll have the independant check it out when he's working on it.
  5. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    If you are crazy enough to let Audi do the job insist they change the water pump, and the idler/tensioner. Their "inspection" is just code for "we'll get the car back and charge all that labour again". Trust me all those components have a finite life.

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