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Another bad differential on an Audi TT

kiwiueen77 Aug 25, 2013

  1. kiwiueen77

    kiwiueen77 New Member

    I am the unprud owner of a 2009 Audi TT with 26k miles. Last week a horrific sound began generating from the rear end of the car. After having it towed to the Dealership it was determined the differential had majorly cracked and failed. I am majorly concerned that a part of the drive train, at this early date in the mileage, has failed. I note that there are others who have experienced the same thing. Which brings me to the posture of UPSET that Audi did not take the steps to ensure the safety of those who owned the TT. I see others who have had this identical problem. One Audi TT owner posted a photo of her cracked differential that looks identical to the cracked differential I have. Therefore, Audi is and was aware of this problem and did nothing to protect the consumers who own these cars.

    So in 26k miles I have drive train issues - can't imagine what another 25k of mileage will result in! I am so disgusted that an alleged luxury car - that was expensive and detail should have been paramount - is a piece of junk. I feel completely unsafe with this vehicle. How many others have had this problem?????? Should Audi have recalled this issue way before?

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