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Another 170 TDI BRD Random Stutter/missfire

csm Aug 9, 2013

  1. csm

    csm Member

    Hi folks, ive done a lot of research on here and such but still wonder if someone could pin point out something.

    The car is a 56 plate 2.0 TDI 170 Engine code BRD milage is only 67k

    I have this strange hesitation/stutter or missfire roughly 15/1600-2200 revs when driving, the car idles perfect, sometimes feels like there is lack of pulling power when pulling away sometimes, also there is no black or white smoke from the exhausts nothing at all.

    My buddy has his own garage with the snap on diagnostics exspensive kit but car shows no codes whatsoever, the car had the injectors changed by audi with the last owner last in April 2012, i personally phoned them asking about the injector wiring loom as invoice didnt say so i bought a genuine one myself and had it done at my mates. The car is still the same, sometimes drives amazing but other times feels rough and holding back slightly.

    Does anybody have any ideas what could be at fault ?? I would have assumed if it had been the sensor side of things it would show up on the diagnostics ie temp sensor, egr, maf etc etc

    Thanks for any info you might have.
  2. Exy82

    Exy82 New Member


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