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Annoying whirring noise cannot fathom out!-any pointers welcome please

jnielow May 23, 2013

  1. jnielow

    jnielow Member

    Dear All,

    Got a T reg A3 1.6akl engine, have recently noticed a whirring noise it sounds almost like the fan is constantly on.The sound seems to dull when moving whether that is because the engine noise drowns it out.It is more noticeable when stationery in gear and out of gear. When the ignition is turned off the noise stops, funny thing is I get the noise when the car is cold also. I do have an oil leak around the rocker cover gasket, could it be something to do with the breather system?-fault codes nothing!

    I cannot be more specific,hope people can provide any pointers?


  2. azman

    azman Member

    does the noise stay when the clutch pedal is pressed?

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