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annoying noise please help !

Delaney1 Jul 13, 2010

  1. Delaney1

    Delaney1 New Member

    hey there guys iv not long owned my 99 s3 and had nufin but problems with the thing im slowly getting through all the little niggles But cant seem to pin point a noise

    the only way to discribe it is a really loud brake squell (sorry about spelling )

    it only happens after uv given the car some on a run and is aparent at slow speeds i.e stuck in traffic looks to be 15mph ish

    it sounds like its coming from the front wheels and goes when u change speed faster or slower

    iv had all the brakes apart cleaned them all everything seems fine

    has anyone had this problem or no of it all help will be appricited iv got to find it
    its imbarrasing aswell as annoying

    Thanks Dave

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