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Annoying garages

steve184 Mar 27, 2008

  1. steve184

    steve184 Active Member

    When will garages get it into their heads about being careful with people's property.

    Minor thing but I have just had a new bumper on my car due to someone hitting me. To replace the bumper they have obviously had to take the rear lights off and to do that remove the plastic plugs from the back. Now in doing so not only have they left numerous 'marks and snags' in the plastic around the access points, the one on the drivers side now will not clip in because the the little plastic stops around the hole it fits in have snapped off - basically if you put it in now it will just fall inside the panel.

    So by not being careful - to solve this quite frankly minor problem they have to:

    Replace both side panels in the car, to do this they have to remove the back seat, remove the carpet, remove the rear panel (where boot latch is), remove boot seal, then attempt to refit it al again, without causing further damage and rattles!!! It annoys me how these things seem to escalate from a mole hill to a mountain.

    As it happens i put it in writing to them when i took the car in for repair, that any damage to trim, however minor will require the trim to be renewed - they can't say i didn't warn them!

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