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Annoying buzzing noise from aroud the steering wheel area

maninthestreet Apr 14, 2010

  1. maninthestreet

    maninthestreet Active Member

    My 3 month old Sportback has, in the last few days, started to produce an extremely annoying 'buzzing' sound from somewhere around the steering wheel area. Whenever I go over a small bump, or drive along anything other than a very smooth road surface, this buzz can be heard. Not loud, but loud enough to be annoying. I've discovered that if I press firmly the piece of dash trim below and to the left of the steering wheel, the noise stops. This piece of trim is firmly attached and is not loose at all - it doesn't seem to move when I press it, so I think the noise is being generated by something else just behind this piece trim that is somehow vibrating against it. Anyone experienced anything similar?

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