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Angel ~Tuning Reamp - review

doug.p Feb 27, 2010

  1. doug.p

    doug.p Getting There

    Thought i would just qive a quick write up on Angel tuning.
    we have an A4 avant TDI 140
    had angel out to do a remap on thursday.
    they come to you anywhere in the uk and do a fault check remap fault check and test drive.
    have to say am very impressed with the results
    car pull much harder, does not feel like it will stall when you pull away and turbo lag seems reduced as the turbo come in earlier.
    drove sensably for a bit today and along a usual round i recorded a 6mpg improvement than standard over a 30 mile run which is pretty good.
    dont know about links but her eit is
    give them a go, i paid just £170 for mine, car now site at 185bhp and approx 80lb/ft torque more
  2. 4NT

    4NT Terminal Douche Bag!

    Hey Doug.p

    I've used angel tuning too and agree with your comments. Used them for a Stilo (yeh yeh) JTD 115bhp to 165bhp, they specialised in Fiat Alfa in the beggining and last time I used them (Nigel) tipped up in a really rigged up Fiat 500 thing, strange to think he travels around the country in a little thing like that. Used them on my Passat B6 2.0tdi 140 and got similar results, however, the car had problems, Nigel came back out to me a further 2 visits until the problem (the car not the map) was sorted.

    V impressed and would recommend to others! :icon_thumright:

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