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AndyMac Special

j4jon Sep 20, 2004

  1. j4jon

    j4jon Member

    Put the new AndyMac sub in the car today, and what a difference!!

    Took quite a while but didn't follow the instructions properly, the bit about supergluing the nut to the top of your finger so you don't drop it and loose it. Some advice to others follow the instructions then you won't have to find another nut when you drop the first one.

    Sub is amazing I didn't believe you could get so much bass out of something so small. Also didn't have to turn the gain right up on the amp only about half way at the moment but the head unit is on minus 4 bass!! It's only a fairly small, cheap amp aswell (Legacy 600W). I was thinking of buying an Alpine instead but I'm happy with it as is. The only problem now is I want to replace the front speakers and amp them. Anyone know of some good but cheap components?

    If anybody is considering getting a sub off Andy I can highly recommend it and can't believe I waited so long to get one.

    Thanks Andy for such a great product.

    Cheers Jon
  2. J4JON

    see my thread on A3 speaker upgrades, including the MacSub.

    I used DLS and am v happy with them.

  3. imported_cocain

    imported_cocain Guest

    I got dls in the front and some JL's in the back togther with Macsub. All Good

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