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And the saga continues

chukkieegg Mar 19, 2011

  1. chukkieegg

    chukkieegg Member

    After my post yesterday about the A3 not revving i rang psi and ordered a maf

    picked it up last night took the old one off (piece of cake) only to find the new one was bigger and would not fit air box fitted old back and a3 would not rev at all unplugged maf and it reved fine rang psi this morning gave them part numbers off olg maf they sourced one for 10.30 this morning went up fitted my self outside their reception took for a spin engine management light went off but was hunting on tickover anywhere between 250 to 900 revs.
    Psi reran diagnostic and cleared couple of faults the first fault of 2 weeks ago has now gone running rich possible coolant temp sensor or Maf sensor and they now reckon that there is air getting into the system as the turbo is making a slightly different noise they reccomend to remove all hoses to check for leaks and have quoted 2 hours labour and then any parts it could be either a cracked hose or a J valve not sure what this is but it now only hunts a bit and is stable around 900 revs with only slight fluctation.
    I did not get the error codes but was wondering what you guys think i should look at next


  2. badger5

    badger5 www.badger5.co.uk Site Sponsor

    Is the maf the right one ??
  3. chukkieegg

    chukkieegg Member

    yes matches part numbers that i gave them after the first one was too big to fit my airbox

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