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..and finally!!!

J7USS Jul 17, 2009

  1. J7USS

    J7USS Shuddup Foooool!!

    ;)...sorry My bad!!:whip:...

    Well according to the stickers ive found inside my Petrol Flap (which I didnt even notice until today filling up) is my car has been tuned by www.oct-tuning.com


    ...but on the site its all but UK!!:think:
    I then went through my Audi Wallet and found another Sticker on the inside with the same.

    Anyone heard of these?first time ive ever seen or heard of them.

    Suppose it explains why my car feels faster than standard. Must have been a "emailed map" to whoever map'd it.

    Took it on the motorway today for the first time since having the Turbo back Milltek and I cannot believe how fast the thing is - well pleased because now I dont have to spend on a map....so treated myself to a VagCam off NHN:beerchug:!

    Oh and nearly forgot, alot of folk dont like messing with their N75 Valves but I changed mine to the J version like I did on the red one and what a difference from my standard valve:superman:...
  2. stoakseya4

    stoakseya4 Active Member

    I believe Bub has an Oct TIP? might be wrong, but they supply various tuning bits. Dont know them but remember the name...

    Sure Bub or someone else will be along at some point re the TIP...
  3. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Lol thats a result then, get it on a rolling road :thumbsup:
  4. golf

    golf ***** rent boy VCDS Map User

  5. J7USS

    J7USS Shuddup Foooool!!

    :uhm:aahhhh you know what - Im going to dig out the guys number I had it off because it could well be. When I went up Liverpool to fetch it I remember he had just bought a SL55 Amg and that had Irish plates on it IIRC, im sure of it so could be connected!


    a little update aswell, I tried a mates N75 K valve today and it managed to stay within limp mode - Over on Audizine a 'Ziner' told me today that the K valve would cause a standard turbo on mine to defo hit limp mode and reckons only a K03S/K04 could stay within limp mode with a K valve.
    The Boost felt very early and quite sharp - to be honest it felt a little out of control so I put my J valve back in.

    I dont know alot about Turbo's/valves etc, only from personal experience but im learning a whole load of sh*t from the 'Ziner's it frying my mind!:tumble:

    ....so tomorrow im going to have a look to see which Turbo I have - Hope its a K04 :ohmy:!!
  6. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    I think your car has been remotely tuned mate as oct do this remapping system over the net via a dongle system similar to bluefin.
  7. J7USS

    J7USS Shuddup Foooool!!

    Yeah you could be right mate!
  8. CMD

    CMD Pointing Forward's!!!!!!!!!

    J7USS Part number please for the J valve..
  9. bubstar

    bubstar Member


    Hi Guys, I have an Oettinger alloy TIP, I think Jase has a OCT one :thumbsup:

    OCT make some very nice stuff, Star Performance are UK agents http://www.oct-tuning.org/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=2〈=en

  10. docurley

    docurley Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    How about that..... You get a funky coloured A4 thats also mapped no thats Jammy.

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