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an idea of current value of my car

Leaky Lloyd Dec 18, 2011

  1. Leaky Lloyd

    Leaky Lloyd Member

    right guys , just after a rough valuation !!!

    2005 (yes 2005 so its rare) b6 avant sport tdi 130
    full audi service history
    135,000 miles
    greay suade and alcantara interior
    factory gmbh bodykit
    18" graphite rs4 reps
    hid kits and led's
    legal tints on rears
    ambient light kit
    de chromed grills
    bose symphony system
    pretty good condition
    a few stone chips but at 135,000, if it had none id be worried !!!!

    rough valuation wanted,,,

    seen a mint scooby sti with my name written all over it !!!! LOL
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  2. white.akita

    white.akita Active Member

  3. holmefield

    holmefield Member

    £5000 if your lucky, i've got a 54 plate 130 saloon with 113000 miles on the clock and with my 19" alloys and all my bits added i still recon mines worth no more than £4500 if i found a buyer, everybody just wants stuff for nothing.

    They offer you way under your asking price and say buyers market!!!! i'd say trade it against the scooby he mite have a lot in it and will give you a fair price, i wish i'd got an avant everytime i look @ a nice one.

    I do like yours, misses told me not to get an avant, i should have ignored her....

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