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an audi for 100 bucks!!!!

PFunk_Spock Dec 21, 2003

  1. PFunk_Spock

    PFunk_Spock New Member

    Hey guys first post here

    Well my bests friends older bro has an old 1988 audi 80 with 215k on the odo. Now Im looking for something reliable to get me around and be fiel efficient at the same time. Now the car itself needs some tlc, namely in the fuel iNjection department. At idle the car cannot hold a steady idle and the revs chug to about 1800 rpms, the chug kinda goes at a 1 chug per second rate too if it helps. Also performance is down drastically to the point where you have to floor the car to go anywhere. I was told it was the injectors and that once those were replaced everythinG would be fine. Does that sound like a proper diagnosis? I really hope this car turns out ot be a good find, the body and interior are in impectable shape having a recent 3000 dollar respray (three years ago). The car was also maintained quite well. I guess for a hundred bucks you cant go wrong but what do you all think? Would it be worth it to pick it up in hopes of fixing her up and then later on swapping in a nicer motor, or should I just look elsewhere? Thnaks

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