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An appeal for help.

grr666 Apr 23, 2013

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  1. grr666

    grr666 Member

    I hope I am within forum rules by posting this, if not may I ask for an exception to be
    made as this is a very deserving cause.
    As some of you may know, I am a regular user of the Briskoda Forum having had
    a Fabia vRS before my S3. One of the lads on there has had one of his pet dogs
    attacked in its own garden by a couple of Staffies that got in. His wife was injured
    in the struggle to separate the dogs and got bitten herself in the process.
    If that wasn't bad enough the owners of the dogs which attacked climbed on
    his car, damaged his fence and disrespected his house by running through it
    without permission.

    The members name is Richard (forum name Stig1) and he posted some photos
    of the injuries that were so upsetting to me that I felt compelled to act.
    I'm not sure if the images are visible to non Briskoda members but assuming they
    are then be aware that they are quite graphic photographs.
    very upset , angry , please dont open if you dont like blood , need to share this with someone before i explode - The Roadside Hotel - BRISKODA.net - The Skoda Forum and Community

    One of the other members beat me to it and started a different thread to start
    raising funds toward the vetinary treatment required to patch up the savaging
    that the poor dog named Keira has suffered. Unbeknownst to him I was already
    in contact with Richard getting some details from him so I could do the same thing
    and get an appeal for help going. Here's a couple of pics of Kiera since the attack
    but after being patched up by the vet.



    Already the vet bill is in the 4 figures area. The Briskoda collective have already
    made a great start with many members contributing a few quid here and there
    and any help received will make a massive difference to Richard and his wife who
    have been very traumatised and upset by this. I thought it would be lovely if they
    could see that not all people are mindless thugs and that there are still some decent
    caring folk out there.

    I appreciate that this isn't an Audi Sport member but he is a keen car enthusiast and
    in that sense at least he has something in common with all of you guys and gals on
    here. Please if you could find it in your hearts to chip in a couple of quid or whatever
    you can spare to help him pay for Keiras treatment. If you have any messages of support
    and don't wish to join Briskoda to post them then you can leave him a message if you
    decide to make a payment using the messaging feature on paypal.

    Details of where to send paypal donations are in post number 5 of this thread.
    Contributing to the Vet's fees - The Roadside Hotel - BRISKODA.net - The Skoda Forum and Community

    I know I'm not one of the regulars on here but please, anything you can spare
    would be hugely appreciated.

    Thanks very much for taking the time to read this.

  2. CHEZ

    CHEZ moderately amusing Supporter

    shi$ like this really boils my pi$$ to be honest!
    (not your highlighting of this obviously) i think that is great and credit to you!
    i myself am a dog owner, and just recently had to rescue my dog from 3 terriers that decided to tag team my spaniel while out walking, as the arsehole owner did not give a monkeys and was happy to let his dogs have a bit fun! at my dogs expense!
    i saved my dog, no damage was done and me and the other bloke exchanged strong words to the extent that i dare not take my dog back there in fear what i might do! (non dog owners may not understand) he is like my child and i will fight to save him! lol
    around 3 months ago in the same place a similar thing happened with a different bloke and his 4 unleashed lercher cross bread dogs (hunting dogs) he had roaming free. 2 of them latched onto my then puppy spaniel and were trying to tear my dog limb from limb until i rescued him, and the stupid owner just stood on and watched as he said my dog approached his dogs first!
    may i just add this guys cards are marked!
    with regards to your friends dog i am so sorry to read this and i will do my best to donate once i have money available as i think what has been done was truly shocking!
    i have had run ins with staffys in the past with my previous dog, so just know exactly what bad ones are capable of!
    they enjoy inflicting pain and wont stop until the end, and sadly these dogs 99% of the time are owned by arsehole characters that think they are fighting attack machines!
    i know you do get the odd one that would not hurt a fly, but when you meet as many as i do on my travels, i am not prepared to take the risk anymore!
    terrible dogs imo!
    i hope the poor dog makes a speedy recovery from this, and can i just ask if the owner has been traced or have the dogs responsible been seized at all?
  3. grr666

    grr666 Member

    It upset me as well Chez, that's why I felt like I must try and do something to help.
    The worrying thing is that the owners of the dogs that attacked live in an adjaecent
    garden and basically smashed their way through the fence to get at the dog in the
    pictures above (Keira). Keiras owner is in the process of going through things with
    the police but doesn't hold out much hope of any real action from them despite the
    owners of the staffies trespassing in his house. {Richard) Stig1 is keeping everyone updated
    as things go along over on the threads linked above.
  4. CHEZ

    CHEZ moderately amusing Supporter

    i know what i would do, but sadly i cannot say on an open forum!
    i hope justice is done mate!
    keep us posted!
  5. grr666

    grr666 Member

    The poor dogs wounds were so badly infected that it had to be put to sleep.

    Mods please close thread.
  6. CHEZ

    CHEZ moderately amusing Supporter

    oh my god!
    so very sorry!
  7. Nicki

    Nicki Member

    Poor little thing :(

    What is wrong with people?! There's pictures doing the rounds on Facebook of people (for want of a better word) having put nails in food & scattered it around parks & dog walking routes for the poor little chaps to eat & do untold damage to them internally. Disgraceful.
  8. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    That's awful.

    It's the owners that need putting to sleep. I'll close this as per OP's wishes
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