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amp wiring - screen wire

TwedA4 Dec 10, 2013

  1. TwedA4

    TwedA4 Member

    Hi all, thought i'd ask this in here too as the ice section isn't as busy... :)

    I'm wanting to install an aftermarket sub and amp in my a4 avant. I have the normal concert system (non bose). i'm aware that i'll need a 4ch amp to run the back speakers and need to run a new power cable and what not, but from reading some of AndyMac's posts i need to use the pre-outs, remote and screen cable. I know i need to get a RCA cable a clip the ends off it and connect the cores of the cables to the pre-outs, but what do i do with the screen wire???

    Do I connect the 2 shield wires from the L and R RCA's to the screen wire? this is the only part i cant find any info on after a good search... :/

  2. dualmono21

    dualmono21 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    in car audio
    the centre pin on the rca is signal the outer core is the screen

    generally in good cables the screen is only connected at one end of the cable not both , the idea being the screen rejects rf and other noise which can be induced into the system
    because of what your doing and effectively using the audi standard wiring down the car you ll need to connect at both ends
    to both left and right cables
    but doing this may induce noise so you may want to try it with just one end connected and see what happens first

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